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Social Media vs. Newspapers


These days you can’t really go anywhere without hearing of Twitter, Facebook or some form of social media. It’s everywhere and the reason is, because it’s instant and easy. What you aren’t hearing about as much is newspapers.

Newspapers used to be the only game in town and then TV but newspapers still had their place. Well in today’s “I need the news RIGHT THIS SECOND“, newspapers have been pushed out of the way but social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

I stumbled across this article from the The Independent in the UK about how people are moving away from traditional ways of getting news and moving more towards alternative means such as social media and various online resources. People, myself included, don’t have time to wait around for tomorrow morning to find out the news of today.

Some people say that they still get the daily paper for the coupons it comes with. Nowadays, you can type in “PRODUCT promo code” and get a multitude of deals on whatever you want. Plus Amazon is still pretty cheap if you’re okay with not going to a store to pick something up. Also, with the advent of Groupon, LivingSocial and other group couponing sites, this will only get better with time and further push the papers out.

Classifieds have moved aside for Craigslist and blogs have taken the place of Editorials. These are just more reasons why there really isn’t a need for newspapers any more other to cover my table with when my kids paint.

What do you think?

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