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A Match Made in Heaven – iPhone and Verizon. Or is it?

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So later today, it’s widely expected that Verizon and Apple will finally team up and deliver the iPhone to Verizon. This is something that it seems everyone has been begging for since the iPhone was first released on AT&T. I have read several articles and the pros and cons about hopping on this bandwagon.

I’m excited that the iPhone is moving to another carrier. I think that this will be good for it. At the same time, it might be its downfall too. The main problem people have with the iPhone isn’t the device at all, it’s the carrier. While I am guilty for not going to AT&T solely based on what I’ve heard about their network, it might not be all their fault.

Think of it like this: there are so many phones consuming a ton of data and clogging the “tubes” so that their network is straining under the weight of its own success. I kinda think that Verizon will have some of the same issues although I’m sure they have known for a while this is coming and have adjusted their network in advance. At least I hope.

I recently moved from T-Mobile to Verizon and have a Droid X and I love it. I am curious to see if an influx of new users will slow down my connection and reduce my call quality.

Overall I think it’s a great move for Apple as now they have 2 carriers printing money for them. I do think that some of the issues with AT&T will show up with Verizon but only time will tell.

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