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Why Can’t I Figure Out Facebook?

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Okay it’s not that bad but I lately I have had the opportunity to get back into working with Facebook in several projects over the past few months. The good thing is that I’ve been able to work in almost all the ways you can interact with Facebook. I have worked on an external site using Connect and the Graph API, a page tab and a canvas page.

The bad part of doing things this way is that they are all done in 3 totally different ways. Just when I feel I’m doing well with one, another will come up and throw me in another direction. Good thing with that is that I’m getting the experience to figure all 3 methods out. Just with client timelines, it makes it fun when the same end functionality has very different implementation and I don’t have the time to make it perfect.

I do plan on posting some of my findings because I’ve personally had a tough time finding all the information I need online. Hopefully I’ll get a break in the action soon so that I can share.

One Comment

  1. They should just provide one API and allow the developers to connect easily with Facebook. But the fact that FB changes features and functions so often, it becomes cumbersome to keep up every time there is an update with the site.

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