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I consider myself a decent programmer but I know that there is a ton more to learn and no one programmer will ever know everything as programming is evolving all the time. But occasionally, programmers come across a decision on how to program a certain site/job. As a C# developer, I always prefer to code in C# but does it make sense to not always do what you’re comfortable in?

For example, if I have a site that I need to create and server isn’t an issue, do I do it in what I’m good at with C# or do I try coding it in PHP?

I guess my question is “would you rather be better at one thing or pretty good at a few things?” What is better for you?


  1. If you have time it’s better to use the best language for what you’ll have to do. In this case it’s better to learn php. If you use to code it’s pretty easy to switch to another language.

    • I agree. I love learning new languages and PHP seems to be the one I’m moving towards now.

      Thanks for your reply.

  2. I agree, and disagree.

    If all you know is C#, expand yourself. One of the best things a good programmer can do is learn another language.

    On the other hand, if you’re a C# pro, webforms or mvc are good enough to do a web site in, and if you need it to have any kind of quality, you’ll make a better end-product by sticking with what you know.

    Would I rather be a deep or shallow programmer? Can’t I have both? I would try for both.

    • Well I definitely know C# better than PHP. And I agree with your point about quality. I just feel that I’m missing out if I don’t try to expand my horizons with PHP. I’ve had 2 instances recently where I’ve had to pick a direction to head on a project. One I chose PHP and the other I picked C#. I chose PHP because the project was better suited for a WordPress site and the other was C# because it need a lot of customization.

      I’m happy with both choices as I get to expand myself in both directions.

      Thanks for the reply.

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