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$700 Billion Buyout??? WTF??


So all the talk these days is about the government’s potential $700 billion bailout of the failed banking system.  I know that we are in for some tough times but these things happen from time to time it seems.  It’s all part of a cycle.  Ups and downs.  But the government seems to think that they have the solution.  Just write a $700 billion check.

Now the first thought that came to mind was where is this money coming from?  Am I to believe that the government has that kind of cash just lying around?  I kind of doubt it.  They say it’s more of an investment in the companies that they are helping and I do believe that.  I just hope that it works out and they don’t lose it all because if they do, we all do.  

I personally think that the market will self-adjust and fix itself out.  It won’t be painless but shit like this never is.  I do worry about where the money will come from as I’ve said.  The government just can’t make a $700 billion bill and hand it over or else this country will fall into some seriously bad times.  I just hope that these law makers who we’ve voted to make these decisions make the right one.  Not for their personal campaigns, but for the good of the country.  That is what is often overlooked in politics and it’s sad.  The good of the country should ALWAYS come first over anything else and that’s just not the case 100% of the time.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope that the government’s bill doesn’t pass again.  We have too many issues with other things that I feel are more important than making sure banks have fat wallets again.

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