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Firefox 3 Released Today, Well Maybe Today

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The internet community has been waiting for the anticipated release of the newest Firefox browser today for a few months now. Firefox even went so far as to attempt a world record for number of downloads in a day where people would pledge to download the newest version today.

Well that time has come and for me at least, and I don’t think that I am alone, the page, http://www.spreadfirefox.com/, is not loading for me. I find this very unfortunate for Firefox but understand that with all of the hype surrounding the release, that something like this had to be expected.

Let me know if anyone gets it working but for now, I’m in a holding pattern waiting to see how this goes.

UPDATE: Just got the Spread Firefox link to work but it directs me to download Version 2.

UPDATE #2: Mozilla just posted this blog about the server issue.

UPDATE #3: Just got it installed thanks to direct link from Chuck Reynolds. Seems to be working nicely. Now if I can just move some of these toolbars around and it will be perfect.

UPDATE #4: Mozilla just said that all is well now and download day has begun.

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